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Building Advocacy ​

Committee Chair

Amber Kidd:

Dirk Muffler at

We will advocate on behalf of our students and programs and provide professional development to train others in the skills of advocacy.

Advocacy shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. To develop and evaluate legislation affecting at-risk youth;

  2. To organize and maintain the student legislative action team;

  3. To inform the membership regarding impending legislation, possible impact and options to inform legislators; and

  4. To perform such other duties as are required by the Board of Directors.

Resources on how you can build advocacy for our at-risk youth.



Submit a Witness Slip

  1. Watch this video for a very simple step-by-step guide.

  2. Here are some extra tips to know when submitting a witness slip.


Your Message to Legislators

Watch this video on how to back up your message to legislators with data.


Share your Stories

Do you have a student success story? This video is a great example of the advocacy ICEARY does.

advocacy update.png

This video is a great example of the Advocacy ICEARY does.

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