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Building Advocacy ​

Committee Chair

Amber Kidd:

We will advocate on behalf of our students and programs and provide professional development to train others in the skills of advocacy.

Advocacy shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. To develop and evaluate legislation affecting at-risk youth;

  2. To organize and maintain the student legislative action team;

  3. To inform the membership regarding impending legislation, possible impact and options to inform legislators; and

  4. To perform such other duties as are required by the Board of Directors.

Resources on how you can build advocacy for our at-risk youth.



Submit a Witness Slip

  1. Watch this video for a very simple step-by-step guide.

  2. Here are some extra tips to know when submitting a witness slip.


Your Message to Legislators

Watch this video on how to back up your message to legislators with data.


Share your Stories

Do you have a student success story? This video is a great example of the advocacy ICEARY does.

advocacy update.png

This video is a great example of the Advocacy ICEARY does.

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